Water sampling station EASYPRO - Compact

Compact equipment

The water sampling station is made of durable materials and fitted with high-value measuring cells. The PVC fittings are resistant against aggressive chemicals and highly resistant against abrasion. At the EASYPRO - Compact, measuring cells are used for measuring the degree of disinfection, the pH value, the Redox potential.
A temperature sensor is installed as standard, with which to measure the temperature. Taken together with the controller, the TOPAX series provides comprehensive measurement, display, control and recording of all important water values.  


Water Sampling Station EASYPRO - Compact

  • Measurement of the degree of disinfection (free chlorine)
    Measuring range: max. 2 mg/l
  • Measuring of the pH value
    Measuring range: pH 0 – 14
  • Measuring of the Redox potential
    Measuring range: 0 – 1000 mV
  • Measuring of the temperature
    Measuring range: 0 – 100 °C
  • Interface RS 485
  • Reading in the digital Display (Multi-channel controller TOPAX DX is included in scope of delivery)
  • Control of the downstream dosing systems
  • Automatic recording of the measured values via separate software possible
  • Easy to assemble: The water sampling station can be unlocked and opened using the lock (right-hand side)

Further product views

EASYPRO - Compact
Measuring range free chlorinemg/l max.2, pH value-dependent 5.5 – 8
pH measuring range 0 – 14
Redox measuring rangemV 0 – 1000
Temperature°C max. 40
Water requirementl/h 30 approx.
Water pressurebar max. 6
Water inlet PE hose, 6/8 mm
Water outlet PE hose, 6/8 mm
Electrode materialMeasuring electrode Gold
Reference electrode Silver / silver chloride with a KCl gel filling
Counter electrode Precious metal

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